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Our co-working space is at the heart of our drive to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in the Snowy Mountains, New South Wales. We strive to bring diversity to regional business, opportunities for remote working and a diverse range of employment opportunities for our children.
Our space is dedicated to taking out the frustrations of working from home, a cafe or on the road by providing you with a pleasant space, great technology and a place to network with other businesses.

Your Business Community

In regional areas community is about as important as it gets – your business family. We have a diverse group of can-do individuals, thriving businesses, and lot’s of interesting people that come through our region immersing themselves in our amazing surroundings.
This makes our Snowy Mountains business community unique, and very special.
So we’ve made every effort to create a space that makes it easy to connect with your office neighbour, and continue build our innovative business community.

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Jindy Workspace

Shop 34a, Nuggets Crossing Shopping Centre, Jindabyne, NSW 2627