Many people have an adventurous spirit that takes them to beautiful places, such as the Snowy Mountains in New South Wales. If your soul calls you to the mountains, you still need to work to support your adventures. Finding the right work-life balance can be challenging, but it will keep both you and your employer happy. You will improve your mental health and increase your ability to focus. Your employer will notice increased productivity and a more pleasant employee. Here are five ways to create a work-life balance in the mountains. 

Block Out Distractions

The world is full of distractions. You can get distracted by the phone, the television, the spouse, the pet, or an invite to go hiking. However, these distractions only prolong the time until you can move on to the next guilt-free escape from work. 

Do your best to eliminate distractions when working to keep you on track. Work in an environment conducive to productivity. Even in a great workplace, you still need to minimize distractions. Turn the notifications off your phone and close out the email tab in your browser until you complete a particular task. Once you complete the task, check to see if anything requires immediate attention. If not, continue onto the next task without distraction, too. When every task is complete for the day, turn on your notifications again. 

Surround Yourself With 5 People Who Share Your Passion

Numerous other people in the Snowy Mountains share your passions and goals. When you are around them, you can find inspiration and learn how they have managed both work and life so that you can take from their experiences. However, how do you find five people who share your passion? One place to meet similar-minded people is a shared workplace. 

At Jindy Workspace, you can rent a desk or meeting toom that gives you access to the luxuries of a modern office. You have the option to rent the space for a day, a month, or three months. You can even rent a desk for an hour! Your Workspace comes with a modern desk, internet, printing access, and the flexibility to use the workspace when it is best for you. 

Best of all, you will meet other people who also use the space while enjoying time in the area. Surround yourself with the right people, and you may go on to new adventures you never expected. 

Adjust Your Work Schedule

Plan your time wisely. It is easy to get caught up in everything the mountains have to offer, and you don’t want to forget to make time for work along the way. Set work hours and stick to them. You can enjoy the outdoors when you are done with the work day. If regular work hours aren’t for you, talk to your boss about changing your schedule to accommodate some other things in your day. If you would like to go for a morning bike ride every day, ask if you can work from 11 - 7 to give you time in the morning for your ride. Or you can ask for an extended lunch hour to fit more in during that time.

Learn to Say No

One mistake people make is taking on more than they truly can. If you say yes to everyone at work and everyone at home, when do you have time to say yes to yourself? You need to prioritize work since it funds the other things you want to do. However, you don’t have to say yes to absolutely every request that comes your way. When you learn how to say no from time to time, it will give you the chance to say yes to you. If you have been working like a dog for the last couple of months, take the time to say yes to vacation instead of another weekend at the office. 

Organize and Prioritize

You have a long to-do list each day. You need to sit down and write it out to have it all laid out in front of you. Once you write out everything you need and want to do, you need to prioritize what needs to be done each day and what can possibly be completed another day. Prioritizing your to-do list will allow you to best round out your day. 

If traveling to the Snowy Mountains will make you happy, try to make it happen by renting a shared workspace at Jindy Workspace. You can get what you need to get done during the day at the office and then spend the night hiking and gazing up at the mountain night sky. Book your shared office space today!