Home is wherever your office is, right? 

It’s true: your office can be any place, as long as you’re willing to stay organized and reach a healthy work and lifestyle balance. 

If you’re set to work away from whatever you call your desk anytime soon, there are several ways you can seize your experience in both work and leisure. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re staying for a week, a month, or travelling constantly. Here are a few quick tips on working while on the road, and having a wonderful time while you’re at it. 

Bring Only What’s Necessary

Losing important work equipment can turn a well-planned business trip into a nightmare. We’d be remiss not to mention that phones and tablets are among the four most common items people tend to lose when travelling.

If you work from your computer most of the time, bringing your tablet “just in case” would do nothing but add to the possibility of losing it. So why not leave it behind, unless you really need it? 

Another high-priority move is backing up your files in the cloud. This way, even in the unfortunate circumstance of losing your belongings, you’ll still be safe knowing your key documents have been preserved. 

Always Look for Co-Working Spaces

While you may be tempted to work from places such as cafes and restaurants, trust us: co-working spaces go far beyond areas where people get things done. Here’s what else they can bring you:

Reliable, high-quality Wi-Fi. Unlike other public spaces, co-working offices are designed to accommodate a large number of professionals, which keeps the Wi-Fi up to standard. Forget worrying about whether your Zoom meeting will freeze at the worst possible time. It won’t. 

A professional environment. Formal businesses require formal locations. For both an appropriate office space and high-quality meeting rooms, these are the spaces you’re looking for. 

Peace and quiet. For in-person meetings, choosing a noisy place may not be the smartest idea. Luckily, co-working spaces follow strict office guidelines to keep you and your team focused at all times. 

Take the Opportunity to Network

New people, new environment. You know what that means: it’s time to put in a good word for yourself.  

This information may shock you: up to 85 percent of jobs aren’t found through job board surfing. Instead, they’re found through networking. This is your cue to start doing it the next time you travel for work. 

Co-working spaces are ideal to receive entrepreneurs from all over, who may be looking for the same deal as you are. So waste no time, and always come prepared to have insightful chats with interesting people. 

If you can practice your communication skills prior to your trip, such as introductions and conversation starters, do so. You never know when a promising career opportunity may arise. 

Stick to a Routine

Being on the road can take a toll on both your mental and physical health. This can result from factors you can’t control, such as time zones, as well as factors you can control, such as eating fast food every day. 

The influence of routine in a person’s lifestyle ranges from quality of sleep to job performance the following day. Being away from home will affect them regardless, but you can avoid straying too much from what your day-to-day looks like. 

Here are a few ways you can maintain a healthy routine: 

  • Set aside a few hours of your week for exercising, even if it’s just a jog around the block. 

  • Do your best to go to bed and rise at the same time. This can be hard to acclimate to at first, but it’s the best approach to regulate your sleep-wake cycle (also known as your circadian rhythm).

  • Avoid drinking caffeine at night, as it could disturb your sleep.

  • Try to eat a balanced diet, and only eat fast food when necessary. During the workday, drink plenty of water and keep healthy snacks (such as granola bars) close at hand. 

Keep Track of Everything

Has this ever happened to you?

You’re enjoying some well-deserved spare time, when suddenly...


You check your phone. No way. You’ve missed a deadline for a project you didn’t even know you had to do in the first place. 

And what happens next? You need to stop everything you’re doing and go back to work until you finish it. There goes your quality time. 

It’s easy to slack off when you’re getting to know new people and places. Yet, if you’re serious about keeping track of your tasks and deadlines, you should consider relying on easy-to-use task management apps like Teamwork and Trello to keep you on schedule. 

Whatever you do, don’t trust the voice that says “I’ll remember it later”.

Remember to Unwind 

In the end, balancing work and play is the most important task you need to master. 

Go for a hike. Meet new places. Don’t let your business trip pass you by! Just make sure to let your boss and coworkers know when you’ll be away, so everyone stays on the same page. 

In the meantime, don’t feel guilty for patting yourself on the back. A moment of rest may be all you need to come back stronger. 

If you’re working remotely and looking for a mountain change, need a professional setting for your meetings, or just can’t get reliable Wi-Fi at home, JindyWorkspace has everything you need. 

We’re here to make your work-lifestyle switch as seamless as possible. Come get to know us