Reducing the number of desk we have available comes with challenges, not least in making sure you are not disappointed when you come to do some work.

Giving you a safe and quiet space to work is our number one priority. This resulted in the removal of the Overflow and Stand Up desk areas because they do not adhere to the 1.5m distance requirements. On top of that we have removed a couple of normal desks to spread out a bit more. Check out the other post for the full list of COVID measures we have in place.

Booking Procedure - Members & Pass holders
If you are a member on a regular monthly plan, or you have a seasonal / weekly pass then you will make a payment for that via the site. 

Before you visit, please jump on to the Booking Calendar to see what desks and meeting rooms are available. Simply select the hours you wish to book and select the desk. Your plan provides you with a certain number of hours and if you have credit the booking will be $0. Check your email for confirmation. 

Booking Procedure - Casual Visits
If you are are a casual visitor, and do not hold a monthly plan then booking is very easy. Simply make your way to the
Booking Calendar and select the times you wish to book, select your desk and pricing will be displayed. 

Make payment and check your email for confirmation and your WiFi access code. We'll even send you a calendar appointment so all this information is handy right there in your phone. 

Please note, just like concert tickets your booking will be cancelled after 30 minutes if you don't make payment.